Shuttle Dudes is a new key remedy to the ongoing issue of drunk driving. With accidents and death tolls on the rise on the road, our Dudes are looking to provide a safe alternative to combat dangerous driving. In 2011 alone, more than 33,000 DUI convictions were issued to Florida state drivers. Thirty percent of traffic deaths in 2011 were drunk driving related (resulting in over 700 deaths). Our services seek to drastically reduce these types of numbers by providing an easy, affordable, and effective opportunity to make the right decision to not drink and drive.


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                                                          WHY JOIN SHUTTLE DUDES IN ELIMINATING          



Safe alternative for customers

Impaired driving is a national epidemic.  According to market research most customers make a decision to drive after drinking at a local establishment because they don’t want to be separated from their vehicle. 93% of young adults agree that our communities need more designated drivers.


Increased Consumption

From surveying actual designated driving customers, it was found that most would drink more once they knew they had a designated driver booked to drive them home.


Lower Liability

Dram Shop Rule-One can readily anticipate or foresee that a drunken driver can cause injury and so does the law. Lower your legal liability of a customer hurting themselves or someone else. Your employees know not to serve a ‘noticeably intoxicated’ customer, now there is a service that is easy to use so they don’t drive.


Added Value

 If you promote the Shuttle Dudes designated driving services, your potential customers will view this as added value towards visiting your establishment.


No vehicles in parking lot

Good for a busy parking lot, for security, and convenient for the customer.


A Safe Haven for Your Customers

Today, on average, every hour, one person is killed in a crash involving an alcohol-impaired driver.  When you put the Shuttle Dudes logo in your window, you  are giving the profound message that you care about your customers’ well-being.  You are combating dangerous driving by getting your patron  AND their car home safely and responsibly with Shuttle Dudes unique service.


We ask all establishments that they assist us in educating the community about Shuttle Dudes.


Point your customers in the right direction by calling  561-400-0467 to reduce and ultimatley eliminate alcohol- impaired driving.